Wild Blueberry Wine Vinaigrette

This artisanal wild blueberry vinaigrette is perfect for your salads and marinades.  Its well-balanced flavors will enhance your dishes. The fruits used in its composition are grown on the estate. Its vinegar is made with our wild blueberry berry wine.  It is sweetened with raspberry honey produced on site. It is only waiting for your taste buds. 

Size : 250 ml

9.75 $

How to serve

  • Serve with all varieties of salads: green, vegetable, pasta …
  • Marinate meat, fish, or game
  • Drizzle on all types of cheese
  • As a dip or with fresh bread


Canola oil, Sugar (honey, blueberry juice, blueberry), vinegar, salt, spices, wild blueberry wine, ground mustard, citric acid

Contains mustard